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Tanned Hides

Our tanned hides make a sizeable throw rug or cover averaging  about forty square feet in a six by seven foot configuration.  With luxuriant  long winter hair, they are natural soft leather on the back.  


We currently have two large hides in stock, one black with red tinges and one rich red/brown. The red/brown, Which just arrived from the tanner is 41 square feet in size and has hair ranging from 7 inches long in the center to 3 inches on the edges. Its price is $1300 without handling and shipping.  It is pictured below.

The picture was taken in our entry way from a balcony above.  Our black hide, also a recent arrival is shown below. It is 40 square feet in size and has hair ranging from 6 inches at the center to 3 inches on the edges.  Its price, without handling and shipping is $1350.

The hides are very wear resistant and can be used in heavy traffic areas.  We have hides in our house that are 18 years old and show minor wear on the edges.  None have lost hair.

If you are interested in one of our future hides please e-mail us and indicate your color preferences (red/brown, black, tan/yellow).  We harvest hides twice a year.  Once harvested drying and tanning can take up to six mont

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